• Bernice d'Anjou
  • Emma Dhaeze
  • Milan Knust
  • Freek Olivier
  • Petek Teczan

Key learning points

  • Pressure cooker
  • Prototyping

ThingsCon Hackathon

Together with five fellow students, I participated in a hackthon organized by ThingsCon. The goal of the ThingsCon Hackathon was to design an IoT-related solution for a circular economy of the Bluecity building in Rotterdam. Our concept consisted of a smart system with physical controllers for the various offices in the building, contributing to more awareness regarding energy consumption. Our presentation was supported by an interactive prototype including speech recognition. Our concept was awarded with the first prize.


Although the topic of this hackathon was not necessarily closely connected to my professional identity and vision, any type of hackathon has been on my to-do list for a while. I have previously experienced the efficiency and creativity that arise during activities with such strict time limitations, for example during pressure cookers.

Although time is too short to generate complete concepts, I believe that the resulting ideas prove valuable for further stages in any project. This hackathon proved to be a valuable training for communicating and actively sharing these ideas in an extremely short time span.

Communicating these ideas is just as important as coming up with them in the first place. Thanks to our existing knowledge and efficient task division, we were able to create an interactive prototype supported by visuals to properly achieve this communication. I have experienced the value of being able to visualize ideas in various previous projects. An insightful experience from this hackathon was the added value of our visualizations, taking into account the time and effort that went into making them. Although these would not be sufficient for user testing, they aided greatly in bringing our message across.