02/2018 - 01/2019


  • Emilia Barakova


Key learning points

  • Design for autism
  • Prototyping
  • Professional collaboration


Final Master Project


Around 38% of people with autism have to cope with additional cognitive impairments, commonly known as low-functioning autism (LFA). Next to well-known symptoms such as lack of social interaction, communication and imagination, the additional impairments form a highly care dependent group of people.

Taimo provides an aid for people with LFA. Regular clock reading is in many cases not possible, but a need for structure and planning remains. Taimo offers a physical representation of remaining time for activities through six icons. Each icon can light up and represents a song. A timer can be started on the product itself or using the corresponding application. After a song has ended, its light will fade and the next will start. With optional limitations managed by the caregivers, users may adjust remaining time through the knob on the timer, allowing for some self-management and input for their caregivers.