09/2016 - 01/2017


  • Rens Brankaert


  • Daborah Pulles
  • Sander van der Zwan

Key learning points

  • Design for dementia
  • Prototyping
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration


Design project


A growing number of people are suffering from dementia. These people are in need of caregivers. GUIDEmentia is a system aimed at supporting the independency of people with dementia. The system consists of a device for the person with dementia and an application for the caregiver. GUIDEmentia supports the person with dementia by completing multistep activities and thereby unburdening the caregiver.

Activities such as making coffee or setting the table can be scanned using the device, which will start instruction videos for the person with dementia. After each step, the user can choose between rewatching the clip or continuing to the next step. These videos can be found in an online database, but can also be generated using the application. This way, videos are personalized and recorded in the user’s familiar context.

GUIDEmentia was awarded with the 2017 GGD Innovation Battle Award and the 2017 TU/e contest Brightlands award.