09/2017 - 11/2017


  • Joep Frens


  • Thomas van Hemert
  • Teun Keusters

Key learning points

  • Rich interaction
  • Design process



IoT: Growing System Approach

During this course, I learned about applying rich interaction in growing systems, taking an explorative direction in designing our future products in a home context. We introduce a system that utilizes embodied interaction to control our internet connected devices. By means of tags on each device and a rich interaction controller, users can secure their devices with our vault and gain access when required. We create a connection between these protected devices and other elements of the house using a modular growing system. When a breach of any kind occurs to these protected devices, our system warns its users through the elements connected to its system. As an example, we show how lighting control can be implemented. A separate controller controls brightness and color of lights in the house. When this controller is physically added to the vault, a breach to the system will show through the lights, by flashing red.